Bocconi Students Investment Club (BSIC) is the oldest finance student association at Bocconi University. Two core principles lie at the center of the Club: the desire to produce professional, high quality content, and the desire to bring value to our members and to the greater Bocconi community.


The “Investment Club” idea came from a group of Bocconi students from the Master of Science in Finance interested in applying their knowledge to practical cases. The association was founded during the first semester of 2010 and received the University’s official approval in April 2011. From the start of its activities, BSIC’s primary goal has been to provide members with the foundation, skills and relationships to develop successful financial careers. This ambition have allowed our growing alumni network to hold positions at many of the world’s top investment banks, asset managers, hedge funds and diverse financial institutions.


A weekly meeting of our active members lies at the core of our activities. Following a discussion on recent topics of relevance, we agree on trade ideas, deal analysis and research that will be published on the BSIC website and newsletter. Long-term projects such as in-depth reports are also explored and produced by the members. The Club moreover runs external activities open to all Bocconi students. These have included: market making competitions, networking events with finance professionals and former members, case studies, events on how to get a summer internship and much more.


The Club has around 45 active members at any given time, roughly equally split between its two divisions: Corporate Finance and Markets.

Markets members focus on:

  • Trading strategies
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Global macro
  • Value and fundamental analysis
  • Asset pricing

Corporate Finance members tend to look at:

  • M&A
  • IPOs
  • Restructuring deals
  • Strategic reviews

Whether in the Markets or Corporate Finance division, all our members share a deep passion for finance and a high personal standard. We all share a willingness to improve the Club and ourselves.