By joining BSIC you will have the chance to establish relationships with other students with shared interests, continuously develop your awareness of recent trends and developments and apply many of the concepts learned in class.

Our members have found the experience very rewarding and educational. They happily dedicate quite a bit of their free time to club activities. If you like finance, don’t miss the chance and apply in the next recruitment session!

Who should apply?

We are looking for students in the following divisions:

Corporate Finance, who:

  • develop market awareness of the latest deals
  • value companies
  • deepen general knowledge of all aspects of corporate finance, including deal structuring, financing and financial statement analysis

Markets, who:

  • develop members’ ability to understand how different factors impact financial markets
  • develop trade ideas based on either fundamental or quantitative considerations
  • develop risk management practices that help to enhance performance

To be eligible you need to be currently enrolled at Bocconi University. The club is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. We require a very strong and proven passion for finance and some free time to dedicate to the club. You should budget approx. 3-5 hours of your time per week for club meetings and club-related activities.