Pandora, quo usque tandem?

In our previous semester, we repeatedly stated our bearish position on Pandora Media (P). Our analysis focused mainly on three key points: – Growing competitors – Slowing users’ and revenues’ growth – Unprofitable Business model Since our first report  the stock is up 50,6% and 218.88% YoY: investors feel confident […]

Pandora follow up

Thursday 21th after the closing bell Pandora Media (P) released its quarterly earnings that beat top-line estimates: Revenues jumped 50.3% year over year to $180.4 million, which beat Consensus Estimate of $174.76 million. Eps was 0.06 in line with estimates. The implied volatility of the stock due to the earning release […]

Market Recap 11/10/2020

Download PDF United States This week the S&P 500 index experienced its biggest weekly gain in three months, going up by 3.84% and closing at 3,477.13, slightly more than the +3.27% characterizing the Dow Jones that finished its rally at 28,586.90. Generally speaking, volatility appears to have decreased across the […]