2016 is highly likely to be the year when a generation of traders and analysts will play in an environment characterised by rising interest rates (especially, in the US) for the first time in their career. On the other side, however, expansive monetary policies will still be present in most of the remaining macroeconomic areas (EU and Japan above all), thus creating a unique situation.

Throughout this report, we aim at giving an overview of what we expect to happen on the different asset classes: equity markets, fixed income securities and FX, and commodities.

In particular, we identify some interesting opportunities in the equity space, where policy divergence may increase dispersion of performance among different stock markets and industries. On the Fixed Income side, further to the main straightforward adjustments that should take place, we deem that Eurozone will still offer some interesting investment ideas. Moreover, LatAm looks attractive for risky, long and short, trades. Finally, commodities will experience another tough year, unless geopolitics will completely change the situation on some natural resources.

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